We are offering a "school room" to help families in need of care while their children are home for remote learning. We would like to help as much as possible. 
We will be offering this “school room” Monday thru Friday. During this time students will be allowed to bring in all their school work and whatever is needed to complete that school work such as a laptop or tablet. These items will ONLY be used for school work and nothing else! We will have a teacher in the classroom with them. Please know however, we do not hire Primary Educators, we hire Early Childhood Educators. This teacher will be there to monitor the students as they work. They will do their best to guide them, however all work should be monitored by their teacher and double checked by parents. Our teacher will NOT teach them their classes, they will make sure they are working and accomplishing that days work laid out for them. They will have time outside, they will be provided two snacks and a lunch. If needed they may bring breakfast in. IF they do not like our food they are welcome to bring in their own. Please remember we are a NO NUT school. When the De Soto School District takes their days off we too will take those days off. The students may attend Kiddie Korner and we will do our best to fill those days with fun and possibly field trips IF COVID ALLOWS for that! Please see Fee tab for cost. 

During COVID we realize that remote learning is tough and not ideal for every family and/or student. If you are looking for an alternative to remote learning through your school we will be offering a homeschool program called: Easy Peasy. This is an online homeschool program that several families at Kiddie Korner use. Our school room teacher is a graduate of Easy Peasy and can offer a lot of insight and help. If you would be interested in signing up or learning more please contact our office. ​

School Age and Virtual School